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This is a free service which allows you to upload and share files up to 5G in size (2G for most browsers due to limis in javascript and sandboxes).

All files are encrypted directly inside your browser prior to uploading and no details regarding the encryption is shared to the server.

Files are only valid for 1 Hour and will be automatically and irrecoverably deleted from the storage.

Since everything happens within JS it is possible that your browser may crash, specially when dealing with large files (~2G).


Technologies Used

This site is built using the WebCrypto API to encrypt Uint8array representations of the Files.

Keys are generated by your Browser from 32 Bytes of Pseudorandom stream provided by WebCrypto API.

Files are encrypted using AES-256-GCM to ensure a high level of security and ciphertext tamper validation. 12 Bytes of pseudorandom is used as IV.

Technically you are able to store up to 5GB of data but most browsers limit Uint8Arrays to a maximum of 2G (2G-2bytes for Firefox, who knows why they're 2 bytes below 2G...) thus limiting the overall maximum filesize to 2G-12bytes for Chrome or 2G-14bytes for Firefox.


DMCA Information

All files are deleted 60 minutes after upload. Sending DMCA Takedown Notices might be pointless as it will take a human longer to receive and read the notice, let alone act upon it.